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Aputure’s Light Storm LS 300X features an expanded vari-white CCT range of 2700 to 6500K to give you warmer tungsten hues and much cooler white shades. And for unparalleled flexibility, the LS 300X fuses new optical color-blending technology and Aputure’s dual-color LED chipset. The chipset has a color-blending optical element in front, which combines the LED output into a cohesive point light. Plus, this LED light will allow you to darken it from a powerful main light to subtle fill light. You can make this change without experiencing any flickering across the dimming range. 
LS 300X units have two output modes as well: Constant Output Mode and Max Output Mode. In Constant Output mode, you can adjust CCT accuracy and keep brightness levels constant at the same time. The mode enables seamless color temperature changes while you’re shooting, too. Meanwhile, Max Output Mode puts CCT and dimming levels within 4000 to 5500K. Other noteworthy features on the LS 300X include a variety of connectivity options, a Bowens S-mount, and nine customizable lighting effects. LS 300X LED light kits ship with a Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate.

Aputure 300X

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