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The AsteraBox CRMX Transmitter Box from Astera acquires Bluetooth signal from the AsteraApp, then sends RF signals to the battery-powered light. The App lets you create complex colors, effects, and settings that will be remembered by the lights without a constant wireless link.
Set Up Faster
Set DMX addresses and profiles for one or several lights. Fifty units can be prepared in less than five minutes. After your job, do a quick master reset of all settings and the lights are ready for the next event.
The AsteraBox works as a wireless 2.4 GHz DMX transmitter. Just connect it with the included XLR adapter to your DMX console and you can transmit one DMX universe with LumenRadio CRMX technology.
The DMX module in all Astera battery-powered PARs is compatible with CRMX and other wireless DMX standards, but not with W-DMX G5 and City Theatrical.

Astera ART7 CRMX Transmitter

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