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The Team

Who We Are


Grant Penrod

Founder & CEO

With a decade in entertainment and hands-on experience across departments, Grant is the practical leader at Birchman. His passion for teaching and nurturing the Chicago film community ensures the art of filmmaking thrives.

Joshua Horita

Three years on set and in the shop give Joshua the experience to keep Birchman's lighting running smoothly. He builds impactful visuals with energy and dedication, knowing light's crucial role in storytelling.


Qū Worthy

Qū weaves cinematic magic with light, both on set and as a freelance grip. A calm collaborator with a hidden passion for adrenaline-fueled stunts, he tackles any challenge with meticulous eye and fearless spirit.

Jay Nicholls

Jay brings expertise and flair to Birchman's films. He sculpts light, guiding you through grounded and fantastical stories with unexpected touches.

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