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The world has come to a full stop, even more so for Miles. Each day without her reminds him of the emptiness of his life, a void he begins to fill with alcohol and drugs. As he slips further and further into an abyss, Miles must decide whether to continue to drown himself with the past or finally move forward.

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An Original Short Film

from the minds of

Grant Penrod and Hanah Chang


Director, DP and Writer

As a Chicago-based filmmaker, Grant Penrod has dedicated many years to honing his cinematic skills. With a reputation as a lighting expert, he has expanded his expertise to take on the roles of Writer, Director and Director of Photography. Possessing a deep understanding of the vital role that lighting and cinematography play in storytelling, Grant's extensive knowledge and passion for the art form inform his approach to creating films that are relatable, evocative, and visually striking. Known for his use of strong visual languages and stylized lighting, Grant's upcoming film Dependent promises to showcase his unique style and approach to storytelling.


co Director and Writer

Hanah Chang is a Korean-American actor and writer based in Chicago. As an actor, some of her recent credits include a supporting role in the feature Exile, and the lead in the short Don’t Worry About It, a selection at SlamDance 2023. She wrote and co-directed her first short film, On the Flip Side, in 2021 in Toronto. Her most recent shorts are Dependent, which she wrote and assistant-directed with Grant Penrod, and I Wish I Were Pretty, in which she wrote, directed, and starred. Chang is passionate about the Chicago indie film industry and firmly believes that you do not need to go to the coasts to make a great film.

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Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS
Dependent BTS

Chicago Partnerships

Early in pre-production the team at Birchman Productions set a goal to showcase the vibrant and diverse local businesses within Chicago. Recognizing the integral role that the city plays in the film, we felt it was imperative to highlight the businesses that call Chicago home. Through personal connections and partnerships, we were able to collaborate with a number of outstanding local businesses, including Big G’s Pizza, ODIN Clothing line, Rayans Liquor, Savo Ceramics, Missin’ The Homies Podcast, and local artist Joshua Horita, who is also a member of our crew.

Their contributions have had a significant impact on the film, and we are deeply grateful for their support and participation. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these businesses for being a part of our extended family, and for helping make Dependent possible. On behalf of everyone at Birchman Productions, as well as the cast and crew of Dependent, we extend our deepest appreciation for your invaluable support.

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Big G's Pizza

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Horita Art

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Odin Chicago

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Savo Ceramics

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Rayan's Liquor

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MTH Podcast

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